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Skull & Bones Ship-to-Ship Battles Questions - Help!

Started by Chairman7w, January 25, 2004, 09:29:39 PM

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Hi there, I got the Skull & Bones book and it's AWESOME! I love it. I have a few questions regarding ship-to-ship battles in Skull & Bones.

1 - What affect do PCs have in battles? Everything mentioned in there is for CREWS. What do/can PCs do in a ship-to-ship battle?

2 - Why does it take SO long to reload a cannon? Up to 4 or 5 minutes? Seems kinda high.

3 - Is there errata on the Chart for damage by crews once they are whittled down? It seems backward. (For instance: WHy would you get +1 to your attack if your Crew Wounds are twice the enemy?)

4 - Can anybody post a round-by-round Example of a Boarding action?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!