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Inside, new Sorcerer supplement in Daedalus

Started by Matt Snyder, January 28, 2004, 02:45:40 AM

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Clinton R. Nixon


That's been the part I've gotten negative comments on so far, and I can see everyone's point in regards to it. The reason it's that way in Inside is this:

Humanity hitting 0 is a climax moment, the point in which a hacker has to make some hard decisions right then and right there. Is it worth it to stay Inside? Is he justified in sacrificing that external life for the power he's about to gain? If not, can he live without it?

The "brain-burnt-like-a-marshmellow" option's there for those who decide to stay Outside. (Remember, it's a player choice which option happens.) It seems like it'd put a character out of play, but I can see a lot of good scenarios for a character that can't go Inside, plus it sets it up for that very tense "one last run" that's bound to happen.
Clinton R. Nixon
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