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Author Topic: thank you Zak  (Read 3070 times)

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« on: December 10, 2001, 06:47:00 AM »

Just a quick post to say that we played Adventures in Space this last Saturday.  Two members of our regular group didn't show up, so I hit the computer to download AIS and 2PAM.  We decided that our tastes ran more to a bad Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon movie from the 40's, and away we went.

Another one of our group played Space Command, and this gave me the opportunity to play a Gadgeteer Science hero.  My wife played our daring pilot and a third friend played an Upright Hero.

After some goofing around with our Science Words (things like mononucleosis and Prozac - yes we are evil to each other), we were off to save the solar system from a twisted genius who had disrupted Neptunes orbit and sent it hurtling toward earth.

It took a while before my wife grasped the idea of saying "I do this..." rather than "Is there a such and such on the ship?".  We came up with ridiculous plot devices and ultimately saved the day.

So, in conclusion Zak, thank you for saving our Saturday Night.  The game is hilarious, and we kept shifting the plot constantly.  I think sometime we may do a whole serial with this.

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