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Dog Dispensation

Started by bluegargantua, February 20, 2004, 04:36:18 PM

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 I think we had this conversation before under the heading:  "Can a Dog order a regular Faithful to violate Church Law?  For example, could the Dog order the Faithful to murder another Faithful but tell the murderer 'it's ok, I'm clearing this one for you'?"

 I think the answer Vincent gave back was:  oog.

 He then went on to say that there'd be this test between the Dog's persuasion and the flunky's sense of guilt.  Or something like that.

 The Whitebranch Adventure example generated under the">Creating Scenarios thread had this bit:

QuoteThey (the Demons) don't want the Dogs to pronounce that it's okay for the town to rob the store - because if the Dogs say it, it's probably not false doctrine. That's what Dogs do, after all.


 Could the Dogs ride in, find a corrupted Faith who were ritualistically murdering Non-Faithful and say "You know what?  It's OK with me, keep at it."?  Dogs can violate any Church tenet they want, but can they authorize violations for any reason for larger groups?

 I'm asking because in Heresy scenarios, many people will want the Dogs to join or help them.  If they do, that's almost tantamount to the Pope saying "Pre-martial sex?  Play safe, kids!".  But there may be times when the Dogs think it's necessary.  

 Although there's an interesting scenario where the previous Dog said "yeah, that's cool" and now the new Dogs (the PCs) have to somehow make it right -- further, they have to confront this "Monty Haul" Dog, but they have no real authority over him and, in fact, it's a sin (or Pride anyway) to think you do.


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My initial answer stands.  Oog.

But let's see.

If the question boils down to "can the PCs..." then the answer's yes.  Isn't that so?

As GM, you're obligated to have no preconceived idea how the PCs are going to deal with a town.  Whatever they do, that's what they do, and if the players think they're taking the righteous path, they are.  God's not your NPC, so you don't get to decide what's right and wrong.

If it were my game I think I'd just ask: "so guys, this thing you've had your characters do?  Do you think they did the right thing, or is this them turning radically to the dark side?"  Then play it as it lies.