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Robot GNS - Preliminary Design

Started by Zak Arntson, December 10, 2001, 11:35:00 PM

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Zak Arntson

Okay, I wrote an RPG about Robots.  Well, I wrote 3 of them.  I tried to carry them along the lines of GNS, just to see how it would work.">Robot GNS

Robot Simulation is the S part. It's the one that most emulates silly robotness, without any lofty story goals or competition.

Robot Battling is the G part. I know that G doesn't always mean player vs. player. This one is basically a cute little fighting game with fortune in the beginning.

Robot Drama is the N. This is where I'm most sketchy on game design. I basically set up a conflict between Robotness and a Robot's Soul, and players are rewarded for scenes that play up this conflict. If the players all enjoyed a scene, a Player can tilt her Robot towards Soullessness or Soulfulness.

Anyhow, three games in one.  Whee!!