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Title: [ripping Maps] Map your stories
Post by: aaronhemloch on October 22, 2009, 04:43:13 AM
Woah, this place is awesome!

I love all the constructive feedback, reading through the posts. I hope you can help me too!

So, I’m designing this game you see, it’s called Troll. In it you play a changeling – that’s a changeling from European folklore, and more specifically a troll. As per the folklore, you were switched at birth, by trolls, of course.

I’m designing it for Asperger’s syndrome kids and others on the high end of the Autism spectrum but also for anyone who has felt like a misfit, rejected, or misunderstood by ‘mainstream society’ and has needed to find their place elsewhere.

The game is Ye Old Epic Fantasy flavour, the band of intrepid younglings go ‘questing’ (in this case, looking for a place they belong), having adventures that span the continents and kingdoms and of course, saving the world in the meantime.

The thing is I soon realized that a part of the system I was designing could be used as an add-on for any such fantasy adventuring, regardless of the system you are using.

I remember as a kid really enjoying the geeky pastime of making my own maps, this went hand in hand with my love for role playing games, creating languages, reading fantasy literature and so on so I wanted to incorporate ‘that fun thing’ into my game.

And so I came up with a map making system. It’s very simple at the moment and doesn’t include any world building tips (but intend to include them) but I’d love to get your feedback.

I think it has some real potential – it’s a great way to visually ‘map’ your adventures and game sessions for a start.

I’ve thought about this for a while but I made this PDF in 3 days. Yeah, I know gramma and concepts are atrocious! But it’s enough for you to use now.

I’d love it if someone, even better, a few people tried this out as an add-on to the game you are playing right now and give me some constructive playtesting feedback. Even if you don’t playtest it, how does it go on first read? Does it make sense? Would you like to use this for gaming?

Please check it out, and I eagerly await any feedback, no matter how small.


Oh yeah, guess I better give you the link: