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Title: [Dramo Worlmoro]
Post by: Ar Kayon on January 19, 2010, 05:49:14 AM
Dramo Worlmoro is an RPG set within the mind, where players assume the role of anthropomorphic creatures that represent thoughts and emotions. Whatever a person experiences, those experiences are manifested in this mindscape.

One player assumes the role of Joe: game master and storyteller. Joe is a giant tin can robot that keeps all things in balance. He can also breathe fire and sometimes uses it as a neat party trick. His siblings Ego and Id are troublemakers, so Joe makes creatures called guardians and sends them out to clean up his siblings' messes. However, the guardians have minds of their own, and Joe often has a difficult time controlling them or keeping them focused. The other players assume the role of the guardians.

The Guardians are automatons made by Joe, but they are not all robots like him; they can be all kinds of things. Joe makes the Guardians out of this stuff called, well - "Stuff", and he gives them different parts which grant them peculiar abilities. In the Create-a-Guardian section, you get to choose your parts, which range everywhere from having bat wings, to being made of bones or plants, to breathing out fresh minty air...or corrosive acid. Corrosive acid is always fun.
Joe will send your Guardians out on missions and offer incentives for completing those missions and bonuses for meeting certain conditions. These rewards are important because they improve your abilities or grant you new ones. However, completing missions for Joe is not the only way to build up your Guardian. Some items can do this (defeated bosses often have good items like this). Guardians can also seek out the Wishing Chicken.
If your Guardian happens to get "Unstuffed", then it will re-stuff in Joe's realm. Guardians can do this a finite number of times before Joe gets fed up and disassembles them for good. If a Guardian is clever enough, however, he can elude, persuade, beat up (not likely), or trick Joe in order to prevent their de-stuffing.
Guardians may also do missions for Ego or Id at their discretion, although Joe won't like that should he find out. Joe especially won't like it should you happen to change your alignment to Ego or Id, who will re-assemble you so that you re-stuff back into their realm. (The player who takes the role of Joe also takes the role of Ego and Id.)

The Three Siblings
Although none of them can actually die from any occurrence inside the mindscape, their power is in constant flux. And more power means better parties and well-stuffed babes. When one gains power, the others lose power. Inside dynamics and outside experiences affect the distribution of power. For example, when the outside Person is scared, Scare monsters (or Scares) from Id's realm multiply and wreak havoc, or if the Person has low self-esteem and experiences success, Joe's realm will grow in power. When a realm grows substantially in power, the outside Person will be affected greatly and tend to do things in accordance with that realm.

Id changes his mind, and his form, often. He (or she, depending on the mood) is erratic, whimsical, destructive, and doesn't think things through. He typically has more raw power at his disposal, however, and monsters and bosses tend to gravitate towards his realm. Id has a brilliant advisor, but always manages to botch his carefully laid-out plans, or instead sends the advisor out on stupid or pointless missions. Id is a magnificent artist, and tends to sport very eccentric fashions.

Ego likes a lot of power and loves to look his best. Although he is calculating and effective, Ego often deludes himself into thinking his abilities are greater than they actually are. His advisor, like Id's, is also brilliant, but Ego typically ignores her ideas or lays claim to them. She can't stand his constant womanizing, but the pay and benefits are good.

Title: [Dramo Worlmoro] - Diceless Mechanics
Post by: Ar Kayon on January 19, 2010, 06:01:07 AM
Determining Task Resolution
Resolution of actions is determined by a rock-paper-scissors (RPS) contest.  If the contest is even, try again.  For every point of the appropriate skill you are above the opposition’s skill or difficulty, you get to try again should you fail the initial contest.  For every point of skill you are below, the opposition gets another try.  Special circumstances may also cause the player to gain (or sometimes lose) extra tries.

Title: Re: [Dramo Worlmoro] - Diceless Mechanics
Post by: Ar Kayon on January 19, 2010, 06:02:02 AM
Combat Sequence
Joe places all combatants on a grid.  Turn order is determined as follows:
·   The party that initiates combat goes first.
·   Joe determines the order for the rest of the parties.
·   Once the turn order is set, the order rotates this way until combat ends. 
Each party involved in combat gets one action per turn.  When it is the players’ turn to act, they must decide amongst themselves who gets to act.  A single player may not act on consecutive turns, and can only act again once every other player has had their turn to act.
What you can do on your turn:   
·   Attack, use an item, defend, or use a combat ability.
·   Move one square (more if the player has an ability that allows it).  You may follow up with an attack or combat ability if you are within range.  You may also use an item.  If you begin your turn with an attack or combat ability, or if you use an item, you may not move.  You may not defend if you have moved, or vice versa.

Title: Re: [Dramo Worlmoro] - Diceless Mechanics
Post by: Ar Kayon on January 19, 2010, 06:05:14 AM
Attacking and Defending
In order to make a melee attack against another combatant, you must occupy a square adjacent to your opponent.  A defender uses their Fighting defense score to defend against melee attacks.  If you are using a ranged attack, you can attack as long as your opponent is within the weapon’s range.  A defender uses their Running/Jumping/Climbing defense score to defend against ranged attacks.  If the defender has a shield, they may use their Fighting defense score instead.   If the attacker is successful, the defending character takes damage to their stuff.  You will replenish 1 ability point if you take an opponent out of the fight.

Flanking the Opponent and Attacking from Behind
If you attack directly from the side of the opponent’s facing, you get an extra RPS try.  If you attack from the back side of an opponent’s facing (any of the 3 squares behind the opponent),  you get two extra RPS tries.
Facing Chart – (Fr = front, Fl = flank, ^ = defending character’s facing, B = behind)
Fr Fr Fr
Fl  ^  Fl
B  B  B

If a player chooses to defend, all defense scores will be increased by 1 until their next turn.

Wrestling Attack
Acts the same as a melee attack using the Fighting skill, except that instead of doing damage, you hamper your opponent.  If the attacker wins their RPS, they may try for a second win.  If you win twice, the opponent suffers -2 to all skills until an escape is made.  If you win once, your opponent suffers -1 until an escape is made.  Also, the defender cannot take any move actions while they are grappled.  The defender can attempt an escape during their turn using their Fighting skill.  Each RPS win by the defender downgrades his penalty by one until they are free from the grapple.

Acts the same as a melee attack using the Fighting skill, except that instead of doing damage, you knock your opponent back one or more squares.  If the attacker wins their RPS, they may try for a second win.  If you win once, you push your opponent back 1 square.  If you win twice, your opponent also loses a turn.  There must be at least one free space behind your opponent, otherwise nothing happens on a single win.  If you win twice and a character obstructs your opponent, that character must win an RPS against you or else lose their turn as well. 

Title: [Dramo Worlmoro] - Skills and Abilities
Post by: Ar Kayon on January 19, 2010, 06:39:48 AM
Many skills have related abilities that you can develop.  Abilities are meant to be used for the combat grid and cost ability points to use.  Majmoro techniques, however, do not use ability points.

1.   Fighting (all abilities use ability points)
·   Counterattack
·   Double Attack
·   Triple Attack
·   Moving Dodge
·   Automatic Defense
·   Disarm Weapon
·   Concentrated Attack

2.   Shooting (with Lizard Gun or Bow)
·   Double Shot
·   Quick Draw
·   Triple Shot
·   Shoot Out of the Sky
·   Shoot Your Eye Out
·   Shoot Out Weapon

3.   Running, Jumping and Climbing
·   Double Move
·   Triple Move
·   Wall Jump
·   Leaping Attack
·   Automatic Defense

4.   Lifting
·   No abilities

5.   Throwing
·   Double Toss
·   Triple Toss
·   Toss Opponent

6.   Sneaking
·   No abilities

7.   Talking
·   No abilities

8.   Monster Taming and Riding
·   Monster Command: Go Home
·   Monster Command: Sit
·   Monster Command: Fetch
·   Monster Command: Attack
·   Monster Command: Roll Over
·   Monster Command: Mount

9.   Joe’s Majmoro Method of Automaton Fabrication (Joe Majmoro)
·   No abilities (Majmoro)
·   Majmoro: Animate Automaton
·   Majmoro: Take Form
(Others pending)

10.   The Art of Getting What You Want (Id Majmoro)

11.   Achieving Success through Looking and Feeling Your Best (Ego Majmoro)

12.   Stuff Shaping
·   Shape Weapon
·   Shape Armor
·   Shape Item
·   Shape Automaton
·   Shape Majmoro Ball

Title: Re: [Dramo Worlmoro]
Post by: lumpley on January 19, 2010, 07:12:30 AM
Hey Ar. Please start one thread per game, instead? Thanks!

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Title: Re: [Dramo Worlmoro]
Post by: Ar Kayon on January 19, 2010, 07:20:52 AM
Oh, ok.  My rationale was that I didn't want to drown the reader with information.

Title: Re: [Dramo Worlmoro]
Post by: Ar Kayon on January 26, 2010, 04:26:31 AM

1. Easy to pick up gameplay.  Piece together your Guardian and character creation is almost done.

2. Fun, fast mechanics.  The rules are simple and easy to understand, designed with the beginner role-player in mind.

3. Collaborative combat style allows players to concoct coherent strategies in order to win.

4. Power-ups instead of level-ups makes for rewarding, non-restrictive player advancement.

5. A fresh, new setting without physical restrictions (it's set in the mind) allows for exciting and unexpected narration.  Shoot down the moon, use lizards and reptiles as weapons, make monsters from scratch, and rejoin the mission after dying.

Title: Re: [Dramo Worlmoro]
Post by: Ar Kayon on February 26, 2010, 01:07:19 PM
What is Majmoro?
Majmoro is the skill of channeling the Person's thoughts and emotions into dramatic effects.  Each brother has codified his own method of controlling majmoro, or had their assistants do it for them while they watched tv.

Id Majmoro
Id's method of majmoro manipulation is to channel the Person's impulses into effects.  The following are a few techniques:
1. The impulse to destroy
  A) 'Splode - point at the target and say "Bang!" and the target explodes
2. The impulse for instant gratification
  A) Apple Pie - say "Nom nom?" and a Stuff-regenerating pastry appears in your hand.
3. The impulse to have fun
  A) Party - say "Get down!" and the target feels compelled to dance instead of attack you.
  B) Bowl - mow your targets down by bowling a ball of Stuff that gets bigger the farther it goes.
4. The impulse to be lazy
  A) Maple Syrup - point at the sky and say, “WAFFLES!”.  A rain cloud will dump maple syrup on a group of targets, slowing them down.  If someone gets stuck in the syrup, any monsters nearby with a sweet tooth will try to eat them.