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Title: Irregular Magazine is looking for contributors
Post by: warhammergrimace on May 16, 2010, 11:52:59 AM
What Is Irregular Magazine

Irregular Magazine has been designed to provide hobbyists with articles and tutorials on miniature painting, RPG and wargames.

All content is community generated, including the art-work, creating a very unique magazine, not specific to any one aspect of the hobby, or tied down to a particular game or manufacturer. Hopefully it will reflect the diversity of the hobby community.

Issues will appear every quarter, and back issues will remain online – so don't worry if you lose your copy.

The magazine is FREE and is also advertisement free; this project makes absolutely no money – and we're ok with that.
We recommend you print off only the pages you really need – this way you don't have piles of paper cluttering up your space and it helps the environment.

Make use of the web enabled features to link directly from the magazine to sites of interest, or from the contents page to the article you want to read.

Got an idea for a short story?
An RPG or Wargame article?
Really enjoyed an article, and want to let us know?
Have a product you would like to see reviewed in the future?
Entering a competition?

There are many reasons to get in touch with us, just send us an email and someone from the team will be in touch with you soon.

People you might hear from include:

•Jason Hubbard – Editor
•Nicholas Johnson – Editor
•Becky Hubbard – Social Media Manager

We promise to never pass your information on to anyone else.

Get in touch

Irregular Magazine if a free product and as such we can't may any payments for work contributed to the magazine. We set the magazine up to provide a platform for portfolio building and help writers and artists take that first step into the gaming industry.

We've been going a year and todate several contributors have gained paid commision work after being published with Irregular Magazine. Recently a UK based company requested contact details of all artists who had contributed to the magazine and has been in touch regarding illustration work for forth coming publications.

Each issue is generally recieves 4-6,000 downloads per issue.

Jason Hubbard
Co-Editor Irregular Magazine