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Title: Gladiator Update
Post by: Thirsty Viking on September 23, 2002, 09:06:54 PM
Work on Gladiators is ongoing,  Currently we are debating what things might modify the Purse structure for a match.  What follows is a Cut and paste from an ongoing thread (  Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

MatchPurse = MatchHeat*(x+y)*Z  
winner gets 75% purse loser gets 25%
X = base purse size for ex. 6 silver
Y = the total of all PURSEMODs
Z =PurseMultiplier

Venue Modifier - size of Venue also sets max purse per heat - also minimum lethality level
City Modifier - Like venue - City Value can be upgraded for festivals, etc...
Lethality Multiplier - as being discussed
Mismatch Modifier - Lower intrest if people percieve clear victory

MatchHeat =(renown of the two gladiators + PromotionMod, + StreakMods )*RepMod

[b]renown[/b] - How well known you are
[b]PromotionMod[/b] - Lead Time and effectivness
[b]StreakMod[/b]s - Everyone Loves a Winner(new concept, new thread)
[b]RepMod[/b] This is ~ perception of the Gladiators vs Gladiator

Some modifiers may switch sides of the equation.  We haven't laid it out as a full equation before now so this may now be disputed. this is where I see our efforts currently.  All this is straight table stuff, untill promotion that might involve some rolls.  showmanship/behavior durring a fight will adjust your Gain in Renown post fight..  Not purse of this fight.