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Author Topic: The Questing Beast comments  (Read 7672 times)
Jeffrey Straszheim

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« Reply #15 on: December 30, 2001, 05:05:00 PM »


On 2001-12-29 00:11, James V. West wrote:

So, to be perfectly clear, a player is a Bard. She can have a Bard-like pen-name, but there is no real Bard Character running around in the game world...unless you want to be playful about it.

Sounds cool to me.  I do think you need to be more clear about this in the text though.  I read it to mean that you indeed did create two alter-ego's: the hero and the bard, and play both of them.  Saying instead, "You're the bard; give yourself a funky nickname," is more straightforward.

Jeffrey Straszheim
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