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Responsible Game Design

Started by lumpley, April 07, 2004, 03:08:06 PM

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So I'm designing this Dogs in the Vineyard game, right, and ... well, it's like my freewheeling monkey business days are over.  Time was, I could write a Matchmaker or an Otherkind and just post it, put it up untried untested on my website, link to it in the game design forum, and if other people dug it, sweet for me!  And if they didn't, no loss, I hadn't invested anything but the time to write it.

Now I find that I'm doing something else entirely.  I don't want to publish an incomplete game.  I don't want to tell people to play a way that I haven't worked the bugs out of top to bottom, examined and reexamined, playtested thorougly.  I don't want to publish a first stab at a game, I want to publish a whole game that delivers.

Which is good.  Very good, I think.

But dammit, is every game I publish from now on going to be this much work?


Ron Edwards

Not only that, Vincent, but Otherkind should now be this much work.

I swear, what did you have to go doing this Mormon Mission game for, when Otherkind is just sitting there!?

If you guys see me chasing Vincent around and around the exhibit hall, brandishing a copy of Multiverser for purposes of smiting him hip and thigh, you'll know why.


Shreyas Sampat

Otherkind. Consider Ron my designated chaser.