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Author Topic: Followers  (Read 1380 times)

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« on: April 08, 2004, 11:17:43 AM »

Hi everyone, more newbie questions. :)

This time, I'm concerned with followers and multiple attacks and such.

Say we have our 3 heroic players squaring off with a villain and his 2 followers. We make it an extended contest, because it is a big showdown.

If I understand the rules correctly, I have a couple of options on how to narrate this.

1) A group extended contest in which I make it a 3 on 3. People bid, make their actions, etc. If 2 people gang up on one in a round, multiple defense penalties apply, and so on.

2) I absorb the followers into the villain, and either they a) augment him, or b) they lend in their AP.
 In case a) his starting AP is calculated from his score plus augments he can make on himself plus augments from his followers.
 In case b) his starting AP is calculated form his score plus augments he can make on himself plus a direct AP loan from his followers.

A question I have here concerns multiple attacks. From my reading of the rules, in option 2 (either form) the villain would be able to make 3 attacks and defenses a round without penalty, because of the followers offsetting the multiple attacks, correct? (He wouldn't have to, but he could.)

But the way the example reads, it seems those attacks would have to be at one time. Because it is one roll, resisted by all 3 people.  Is that right?

Also, in option 2b, where the AP has been lent, can the villain still use one of the followers abilities or is that only in option 2a?  IF you are tracking the followers in play (As is mentioned), when a follower goes down, should the multiple attacks be adjusted as well?
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