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Author Topic: Animal Forms  (Read 2361 times)
James V. West

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« on: December 29, 2001, 11:11:00 AM »

Thededine wrote:

"I've got two questions/suggestions for you:

a) Is this a 'sample' and not necessarily definitive, list?  State either way in the text.

b) -Why- did you chose these animals for these characters?  I'd also include this in the text, if only to give good solid examples of why these characters are portrayed by these animals."

A) The list you're referring to is on the Accords page. It refers specifically to the "Sword in the Stone" Accord and not to every possible Accord in TQB.

Of course you're free to interpret how you like, but these are the animal forms I personally chose to use. I've been working on the idea for several years and these forms make sense to me.

B) Most of the animal forms I chose for that Accord were the same ones I had been thinking of all along. For the most part, they were born from moments of inspiration.

For exmple, Gawain. The first time I thought of him I thought "lizard". The comic book SANGREAL (of which I only finished one issue to date) feartured Gawain as a lizard.

According to some texts, Gawain grew stronger as the sun grew higher in the sky. Reptiles are cold-blooded and thus sun themselves in the noon heat. It makes sense to me.

I chose to make Arthur a bear because the image was both terrible and lovable--which is exactly the way I precieve the king. Almost like a pawn in a greater game. I hope to explore more of this either through the comic or through some other form more linked to the game.

I'll be exploring these ideas more fully in the game in subsequent drafts. There are many things left out or poory written in the current version.

Thanks for pointing out the possible confusion. Hope this explanation makes more sense to you.


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