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Porting Spiritual Attributes into non-Dice Pool systems???

Started by 6inTruder, May 19, 2004, 03:01:26 AM

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Yeah, I suck for not posting anything other than this question, but has anyone seen/done anything for this?


What about bonuses to a roll? Or extra dice and keep the highest/lowest one?  Rerolls?

Any of these ways could be used to simulate the effects if the extra SA dice.

Trevis Martin

Or maybe tokens to spend down your target number?



thanks. My head's just not been in this well lately.


Spiritual Attributes should be Tokens you receive to increase your roll by +1. This may trigger a critical result, or prevent a failure. They may also be spent on experience at a certain rate, depending on your system and current needs.

You receive tokens for pursuing your SA's as normal.


I've done this already for a game of 3E D&D.
There's some discussion of it in Actual Play: Pseudo-TROS SA's in D&D
Rev. Ravenscrye Grey Daegmorgan
Wild Hunt Studio


Pendragon uses an SA like system.  I believe ~SAs are called 'Passions'.  A Passion might be honor, or loyalty to you lord, or love of a woman, or hate.  It receives a score of say 14.  To activate the passion in the appropriate situation, roll a d20 =< 14.  If activated, the character gets a bonus to his skills.  Passions can go over 20 and can be criticalled giving a better bonus.