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Author Topic: BW Ltd Ed T SHIRTS  (Read 2086 times)
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« on: July 17, 2004, 08:41:05 PM »

Ok folks, I'm doing a limited run of Burning Wheel T-Shirts:

I did a run of 14 shirts last christmas at this same printer and they came out very nicely. They are black American Apparel shirts with "Character Burner Red" ink.

Here's the deal: I'm printing up 20 shirts to sell at GenCon. These are for me to sell to con-goers. I've put up an order page in case folks who aren't going to be at GenCon want to order a shirt. You put in your order now, then we submit the whole thing at the beginning of August. You get your shirt shipped to you after GenCon.

The design for this t shirt is unique. This design will not be reprinted or reused. (Meaning this specific logo illustration, this specific tag-line and distressed type. Of course the Wheel and BW Logo text will appear on other shirts).

The American Apparel shirts are very nice. They're light-weight, soft and comfortable. However, they do run a little small. So if you're in doubt about which size to order, choose the next larger. I usually wear a Hains Medium, but in AA I like the Larges.

Also, to salve your conscience, AA shirts are made in Los Angeles at a factory that pays living wages. No overseas sweatshop labor!

Any other questions, just post 'em.

(PS this thread is repeated over at rpg.net and the BW site, too. Just trying to be thorough in my promotions.)

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