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Monster Burner

Started by joshua neff, August 31, 2004, 01:29:01 AM

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joshua neff

I've finished reading the first third of the Monster Burner, the section titled "Monster Burner." (I've skimmed the other two thirds, "Lifepaths" and "The Illustrated Bestiary," but I haven't read them all the way through yet.) My initial thoughts? The Monster Burner is one the best RPG supplements I have ever read. It's right up there with Sorcerer & Sword (and anyone who knows me knows how much I love that supplement, so this is high praise.)

The breakdown of stats, exponents and shades is, admittedly, a bit dry, but it's not nearly as dry as the text claims it is, and it's incredibly useful. The "100 Questions" section is very well thought out, and the examples are great.  The "Trait Burner," "Skill Burner," "Lifepath Burner" and "Monstrous Magic Burner" sections rip the hood off of the game and show you what Luke (Crane, the man behind the Wheel) has under the hood. It's the game laid bare, and it's brilliant. The section as a whole gives you everything you need to create monsters in a thoughtful and considered way.

Anything after this is icing on the cake. Skimming the final two sections, I can say this: the art ranges from good to bloody great, the lifepaths look terrific (especially the Great Wolves, with their Spirit-Hunter Songs and Dire Haunt Spells), and the bestiary has some great monsters (traditional and unique).

Some bonuses: it's 400 pages for $20, my copy was personally signed by Luke, and there's a "Purchased Directly From The Creator" stamp in the front.

Monster Burner is an amazing supplement. Luke, and everyone else who worked on it, should be very, very proud.

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Andy Kitkowski

Well, shit, you sold me there!

Popping off to to play Andy's GenCon/Post-GenCon RPG: "Burning Money" :)
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