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Let the CAT out of the Bag

Started by Bailywolf, January 23, 2002, 12:33:32 AM

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First off, I'm so so sorry for the title of this post... but someone had to do it.

Secondly, please do it.

I'm not too keen on another fantasy game, Orcworld/Elfworld is neat an all that but for me... :shrug: mah.

However, Cat seemed pretty damned cool and a bit outside the (litter) box... -oh, sorry again- and I'd quite like to see some more of it.

So, what's up with Cat?  When can I give money in exchange for it?

Blake Hutchins

C'mon, John:

Cat got your tongue?

Seriously, I'd also love an update.




My four cats and I are anxiously awaiting CAT.  They are looking forward to a RPG we can all play.
Thank you!