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TQB Variant

Started by Andrew Martin, September 19, 2004, 04:18:03 AM

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Andrew Martin

I got a little carried away and wrote up a TQB variant, for Noon, so I thought it would be good to post it here as well.

It's like a variant of The Questing Beast (The Pool) (TQB). Each player (I'll include the GM as a player) has X D6 each. When a player finishes announces an action, every other player (going clockwise around the table) has the option to either reward or punish the player. The reward is one or more D6, the punishment is one or more D6. The reward goes into the player's pool; the punishment is removed from the player's pool into the punisher's pool. If the player runs out of D6 to pay for punishments, their action fails and the player gets to state what happens (much like a Monologue of Defeat). Otherwise, the player rolls any number of D6 from their pool, any "1" results giving a Monologue of Victory, any "6" results giving a Monologue of Defeat, any other result, the GM gets to state what happens (a guided event). Players whose characters are adversely affected divide the spent D6 equally between them. The GM gets any remaining dice.

Note that no dice are spent on Motifs! Instead, playing according to your character's declared Motifs and to the game's motifs results in rewards (or should!) from the other players.
Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin

Alex, Betty, Charles, Danielle, Edward, and Frances are playing. They've got, say 20D6 each. It's Alex's turn. Alex describes a cool move that's really great and fits well. Betty decides to reward Alex with 1D6, leaving 19D6 in her pool and 21D6 in Alex's pool. Charles thinks it's really great, and rewards Alex with 5D6, leaving 15D6 in Charles' pool, and 26D6 in Alex's pool. Danielle thinks the move stinks, so she takes 11D6 from Alex's pool, leaving Alex with 15D6, and Danielle with 31D6. Edward also thinks the move is terrible, and takes 4D6, leaving Alex with 11D6 and Edward with 24D6. Frances is undecided, and takes no dice.

Alex decides to roll all his dice of 11D6, leaving Alex with 0D6 in his pool. Alex gets a "1" on one of the D6, and declares a MoV. Alex's character actions adversely affect Betty and Danielle's characters, so their players get to split up the 11D6. They take 5D6 each, leaving 1D6 (the remainder of 11 divided by 2) to be taken by the GM, which happens to be Charles.
Andrew Martin