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Author Topic: An extra wild for the Hero deck.  (Read 2806 times)
Kat Miller

Posts: 141

« on: October 18, 2004, 07:10:15 AM »

I've been a hero playtester from the begining,
and at Ubercon I had an opportunity to run WGP for the first time.

It was quite an exilerating experience.
One of the discoveries is that One Deck for 4 players gets absorbed rather quickly.

Mike will likely add this to the update sheet for the new rules once he has time to write them. but I made a rather happy accident at the game.

I gave the players their Deck but it had 2 jokers in it instead of one.  (I pulled the 4 of diamonds and left that in the pack thinking it was the Joker)  The additional joker allowed for more shuffling of the hero deck, which can be a problem especially if a player is reluctant to use his wild card waiting for the best moment.

As there were 4 players, the additional shuffling was a good thing.


kat Miller
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