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Author Topic: Academy of ArixAx  (Read 1249 times)
Mike Holmes
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« on: December 16, 2004, 03:03:53 PM »

Not wanting to be a slacker, either, I'm posting the wizardry school that I came up with for a Carmanian character in a PBEM that I'm involved with. Please feel free to make suggestions for improvements, or point out any problems.

The Academy of ArizAx
This is an order of adepts that follow the Carmanian religion of the Invisible God*. Named for it's founder, a famed Carmanian of the Vizeri class who taught that purity of introspective thought and knowledge was key to understanding the Invisible God. The academy is not large, and members are often seen as "flighty" in some ways by Carmanians as a whole.

Entry Requirements:
Must be of the Vizeri class of Carmania. Higher classes would not deign to participate.

Deep Thinker

ArizAx's Tome of Thought (Consider Problem, Learn Well, Focus Will, Memorize Formula, Note Details, See My Heart)

(I'm thinking that the religion as a whole needs a grimoire to parallel the Abiding Book. It should probably be very similar.)

Also available to the members of this school is an odd grimoire that is influenced by Darjiini ways. The Academy's locations are near Darjiini territory, and the writer of the Grimoire was heavily affected by this other culture.

Pauric Book (Know My Body, Dance To God, Self-Purification, Sing With Joy, Speak The Truth, Control Breath)

Members of the Academy typically use gilded artifacts that they would commonly carry as talismans. For example, brooches, rings, and staves all carefully inlaid with gold are used.


Members of the Church of the Invisible God.

Other Side:
ArixAx's saint node, which is adjacent to the node of his grimoire.

Other Connections:
The school is affiliated with several other Carmanian academies, and often the Adepts of ArizAx end up as instructors at other institutions. Others of them become professional students in various fields.


Years of dedicated study often leave the Adepts less than fit, and they tend to be so etheric in their thinking patterns that most see them as at least a tad detached.

*The church in Carmania is that of the "Invisible God" that believes that Sedenya is the prophet of the One God who shows that all other gods and spirits are all aspects of the Invisible God. In this way, the Carmanian church reconciles all of the other magic of the Lunar Empire with the notion of a single diety over all of them.


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