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Author Topic: [starwars quest] Prepping SW HQ  (Read 2544 times)
Kaare Berg

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« on: December 21, 2004, 02:58:35 AM »

Having bounced some ideas around here, forgotten about them until pointed here, I rounded up some players and chargenned yesterday, so I figured I'd post it here:

Quote from: In the One-sheet I
On the planet Corrob, the gateway to the Ziker Passage, half a century of war has ended in a tenuous peace. The planets only hope lies in the hands of a few Jedi and the small Coalition Peacekeeping Force. Poised only short light jumps away awaits the Juggernaughts of the Jagdanna Protectorate and the Battlebarges of the Aquila Kingdom, ready to yet again clash over Corrob's torn surface and in the wreck filled space above. The people of Corrob build their fragile peace with a fearfull eye to the skies.

Aquila has begun making overtures to the Separatists
Jagdanna claims loyalty to the Senate
The Coalition of Free Worlds is falling apart

What do you do?

There is no emotion: There is only peace

All you have worked for burns down around you

There is no ignorance: there is knowledge

Everyone lies, everything is secret, trust is dead

There is no passion: there is serenity

The war was fifty years long, the peace is only seven

There is no death: there is the force.

Thousands will die, your friends will die, you will die

Do you have what it takes to be a Jedi?

Light or Dark
Death or Life

Corrob awaits your choice.

The Characters

Neither player was in name or goal modus yesterday, so there are two important parts missing from the characters. Yet the crunchy bits were done and we are now set to dvelve deeper into them...

So far I got:
Quote from: Christian
The Twi'lek Jedi - a sort of Jack Sparrow like jedi, a media darling with a passion for the oppressed people and memorable clothing. Highlights were realtionships to family and oppressed people aswell as love/hate with the media.

Quote from: Christer
The Corellian Jedi - where the Twi'lek hugs the spotlight this jedi performs his subtle diplomacy in the shadows. A sort of young Qui Gonn Jinn with little or no conflict material so far (but I know his brain is bubbling at this point). Relationship to an unspesified ally because he want's a two way relationship.

I think both conviniently forgot to take flaws so this will be rectified.

These jedi have just recently become knights and this will be their first posting. It remains to see if their training has been good enough as they come up against the Sith Acolyte Jeng Drooga and his machinations.

To come:
Episode one: The Corrob Code


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