What is it About the HQ Rules and Bringing Out Setting?

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Mike Holmes:
Wow, well said, everyone. And I think we did it without overly fanboying the reasoning (which I know is hard for me, at least).

So, I pulled Earthdawn off the shelf last night, and read it again. Well, the salient parts, which are about a tenth of the book. That is, outside of the parts describing the world, and races, etc, 90% of the book is given over to rules which are largely about how to kill things in increasingly complex manners. Meaning that out of a considerably chunky book, there's only a small supplement's worth of world.

But the pathos of the world is pretty good. Got me hooked again. Even the art, which doesn't usually do much for me, was inspiring, in the context of the setting. I wanted to know who that Obsidiman Merchant was at the end of one of the sets of color plates. I wanted to play that Obsidiman. With his colorful costume, and the pensive look on his face - and the simple juxtaposition of personal strength, and the merchant attitude.

Oops. No Merchant template. Guess I'll have to use Hero Quest...


I give the Earthdawn guys credit, the did create one template, the Troubador, that wasn't all about the killing. Well, at least not as much about the killing (though a lot more than any musician I've ever met). But I wouldn't want to have to create a Merchant template in that system. But, as Nick points out, even if I didn't have one in HQ, I could make one up by just putting "Merchant" as my character's occupation - simple as that.

And suddenly all of the implications about the new trade routs of Barsaive suddenly as it opens up again, become something that the game can be played about.

Cool. Brand, going to run a game online? I call the Obsidiman Merchant!



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