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Author Topic: The Crone (created by Monica Valentinelli)  (Read 1775 times)

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« on: December 30, 2004, 08:53:32 AM »

The Crone (created by Monica Valentinelli)

Legend has it that The Crone was once human, an older woman who fell into dark obsession with a much younger married man. Although the man was not happily married, he was repulsed by her overt attention and sagging features. Although the woman was a beauty in her youth, time wore poorly on her features. The woman, determined to make the man hers, searched endlessly for a cure to the aging process to restore her body to its former glory. While journeying to a nearby village, the woman came across a powerful healer. Telling the healer of her plight, the woman begged her to give her a cure for her affliction. The healer, a wise woman well versed in the olde ways, decided to help her. A bit of magic could be hers, promised the wise woman, but only if she was confident her true self was as beautiful as she claimed it to be. The woman said it was. The healer, wise in all things, gave the woman a potion without hesitation. The woman drank it greedily, confident her appearance would win her prize. And so it came to pass upon that day the woman’s features reflected a vision of her true self; gnarled, twisted, and decaying. Imbued with magic, The Crone’s humanity withdrew to a safer place within her. While no one has lived long enough to recant The Crone’s features, her sight brings uncontrollable tears to the strongest of men.

Shrouded in black robes, The Crone wanders aimlessly, searching. Bits of legend say that the only way to bring The Crone’s humanity back would be to willingly sacrifice oneself for her. Other myths say that The Crone is so removed from herself that she has forgotten what she is searching for and wishes, instead, to exact revenge for the Healer’s lesson. The truth lies somewhere along the middle. Neither sound of mind or body, The Crone acts as she sees fit. Sometimes she has helped those desperate women in need. Other times, she has killed mercilessly. Regardless of her intentions, The Crone is seeking redemption.

The Crone appears as an old hag. Her features are hidden behind a black cowl. Protected by the shadows, her ghostly-pale face has not seen the light of day for some time. Her leathery skin hangs loose from her gnarled body. To know The Crone’s ugliness, however, is to also know her one remaining piece of beauty. She is Marked by her ethereal long, blonde-white hair. Flowing gently in the breezes, her hair both entrances and warns others of her passing.

The Crone has the following powers:

Attack, Mental (Uncontrollable Sadness)
Limited duration for Three Rounds, Others

Attack, Physical (Claws)
Instant, Others

Glamour (Shining Beauty)
Limited duration for Two Rounds, Self

Glamour (Scarred Flesh)
Limited duration for Two Rounds, Others

Immunity (Water/Ice)
Permanent, Self

Immunity (Old Age)
Permanent, Self

Immunity (Poison)
Permanent, Self

Marks (Celestial Eyes)
Permanent, Self

Movement (Intangible)
Permanent, Self

The Crone has two weaknesses; one True Weakness, and one Lesser Weakness. Her True Weakness is a mirror or reflective surface. Should the attacker reflect The Crone’s image back upon her so that she sees herself, The Crone will sustain damage. Her Lesser Weakness is a maiden’s love song.

The Crone’s Traits are:
Power Rank: 6
Cunning Rank: 8
Vitality Levels: 16

The Crone’s Wake is that all those around her feel a profound sadness and sense of loss. The sadness effects people differently, some have been known to commit suicide.

"What Are You Afraid Of?"
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