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Clarify Example of Play

Started by Jonas Ferry, March 30, 2005, 05:49:17 AM

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Jonas Ferry

The example of play is extremely useful when trying to understand the rules, and I can't picture Capes without it. I have some stuff, though, I need to get clarified.

1. It seems like the first starter of a scene is the same person that set the scene, right? I can't find it in the description of starters on p22.

2. On p45 it says "Be on time to mee with Jenny". Just a spelling error, but you might want to correct it for the second printing.

3. On p48 Liberty uses Super-Strength without getting debt. I suppose it's omitted because it's obvious but...

4. ... right after that he uses Inspire Patriotism, and gets debt. If I read the character sheet on p44 correctly his only powered style is Throw Shield.

5. It has been some confusion whether characters or players get inspiration points. On p51 they say that both Liberty and Alex get the points, or rather Liberty gets them and Alex controls Liberty. It's the same thing on 55, when Alex says "it's a three point Inspiration for Liz", when it's Alex who gets the points and can use them for any character he likes. I know how it's supposed to work from reading threads here, but it's not obvious from the example of play.

That's all for now.
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I'm not sure those are questions I can clarify, so much as very well-spotted errata.  Thanks!  Hopefully I'll be able to fiddle them in before the second printing goes to final press.
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