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Author Topic: In Praise of Group Kickers  (Read 1799 times)

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Please call me Judd.

« on: April 04, 2005, 07:40:29 AM »

Wow, these rock.

Kickers in general rock but having the cell's players come together and decide as a group where the game is going to start is just fantastic.  I'm really digging it.

I think like many things Sorcerer has in its rules that other games have nabbed, it is something that we have done instinctually for ages but putting a name and a structure to it drives it home.

At the end of both of the CoS games I ran this weekend, the groups agreed that we had played out their initial kickers and so we spent the last 15 minutes or so discussing the next kicker.

In one group they decided that one player did not get enough screen time and so they made the kicker revolve around that character.

In the other they decided they would be stopping the hanging of a man who holds crucial information about the Conspiracy of the Deeps.

Its fun stuff and it keeps the game really moving, definitely with a James Bond opening scene kind of feel, as stated in the book.

If anyone else could talk about using Group Kickers and how it worked for them, particularly in extended play, that'd be great.

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