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What Should I Do With These?

Started by Jonathan Walton, April 07, 2005, 10:55:18 PM

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Jonathan Walton

So, I have these amazing pictures that I did for a game concept called We Regret to Inform You the Gamemaster is Dead, which was going to be a kind of absurdist mini-LARP or mini-campaign where characters wander about in a Tom Stoppard fashion and question the things that they hold dear.  I've kinda moved on, but the pictures remain and need something really cool to be done with them.  I'm open for suggestions:

The latter two are the coolest, I think, but the first one is kinda ominous and Hitchcockian.


Those pictures are fantastic and fun.

What to do?

Finish the damned game, man.  Finish it.

The pictures demand it.


Contribute them to "Thats not a RPG!" The RPG!

See Tony's latest over at Indie, that would be a riot ^_^
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