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Author Topic: side kicks!  (Read 2341 times)
Kat Miller

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« on: April 11, 2005, 04:07:11 AM »

Mike has been developing a way to work out partnerships and sidekicks
which we tested out at Mepa con from the BUFFY "With Great Power..." game, he streamlined the story arc down to six spots with spot two allowing players to chose cards that left their hand.

This makes side kicking and Partnerships work well. You see in a partnership two players have each other as aspects. For Sidekicks, one player takes another player that he wants as his Sidekick to be an aspect, but the Sidekick doesn't have a reciprocating aspect.

This is important because during Combat, when those PC aspects suffer the cards that the Player with the aspect gets come from the Aspected PC rather than the hero deck.

Thus if you locked in combat and there is a Queen of spades staring at you, and you don't have any spades, but your partner has a queen of spades, you can have him suffer and he can give you the card you need.

For Buffy characters it just seemed natural that Xander would Have Willow and Willow Would have Xander because there best buds. Just as Buffy would have Giles and Giles would have Buffy, because there’s that surrogate father daughter relationship there.

OH and "With Great Power..." does Buffy well.

kat Miller
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