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[Breaking the Ice] Getting earnest

Started by Frank T, June 16, 2005, 05:27:55 AM

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Emily Care

Quote from: Frank TWe will definitely play this through all of the three dates and report everything dutifully. I still don't really get the "accumulation of dice" thing, though. Are you saying you should first collect all of the bonus dice, then roll them, then collect all of the re-rolls? Doesn't make much sense to me.
I wonder if its a face to face/IRC difference too? The times I've played it, it worked pretty well to narrate your Attraction & Bonus Dice stuff, roll the dice all at once, then do the same for Re-Rolls. This allows you to keep track of how many re-rolls you get. Conflict & Compatibility don't count towards re-rolls so they can happen anytime.  But this doesn't allow for the narration to be interspersed (ie it puts most of the good stuff in the first part of the Turn, then the bad stuff at the end).  Did you do a roll, then it's re-roll right away?

Re Scene/Turn: No problem. It makes more sense for them to be different things.  Multiple turns could certainly occur in a given scene, and a turn could cross scenes, certainly.  The one that's mechanically important is the  Turn, not the scene.
QuoteWith using up all the dice: Is surely no problem with the bonus dice and re-rolls, but especially the compatibilities just don't fit in every scene.
Good point. So, the Turn should end either 1) when you've gained an Attraction level or a Compatibility or 2) When you've rolled all the dice that you care to.  I want to emphasize though, that in any given Turn, you really should be able to get all your  Bonus Dice and your Re-Rolls.

QuoteSo being mean does not grant re-rolls. Or grants re-rolls at guide's discretion?
Guide's discretion sounds best to me. That way you can enforce your interpretation, and someone else could use their own.

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Frank T

The way we did the rolls was: We rolled attraction straight away, and I just drew a little o for every none-success. As we went on, we might gain bonus-dice and rolled those straight away, too, also drawing a little o any time a die didn't come up 5 or 6. Now, when something was narrated that was worth a re-roll, we rolled another dice and crossed one of the o's out. As simple as that.

- Frank