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[VoG] What should go in a character creation chapter?

Started by Benjamin Grove, August 06, 2005, 08:39:26 PM

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Benjamin Grove

So I was working on the character creation chapter for the current draft of VoG... and it occured to me that I'm nearly done, and save for a few lists and charts to be added, its currently shapeing up to be about 3 pages at 12 pnt font 1.5 spaced. That seems a little short... yet I dont see much i actualy missed.

So, generaly(the game is most N with som S and a spattering of G) what sort of things SHOULd go in char gen chapters? just fishing for ideas here mostly.


What makes a character ready to play?

What do the players need to know to make that character?
- Alan

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How to play the character.
How Characters grow.
Character Background importance.

Benjamin Grove

Mm... thanks. Deciding to put the stuff on actualy playing the character in with the character creation rules, plus experiance point "character advancement"

Its still looking to be a rather short chapter, but I can't think of much how to make it longer without repeating myself a whole bunch of times.(trying to avoid that thing you see in alot of games where they tell you the same thing 3 ways every two pages)


Why does it matter if the chapter is short?  If it gives players what it needs, it's done it's job. 

Is there anything complicated enough to require examples?
Have you run the chapter past someone who knows nothing about your game?  That's a great way to get feedback.

- Alan

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