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[Tall Tales of Conquest] Playtesters wanted

Started by matthijs, August 23, 2005, 09:02:14 PM

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"Tall Tales of Conquest" is a tactical game of competitive storytelling. It's for three or four players, taking about an hour or two to complete.

In TToQ (yes, the name will have to change), players tell stories of factions at war. However, which player gets to tell what faction's story, and what kind of story it is, changes from turn to turn. All the while, players use their tokens to establish different factions' presence on the game board, trying to make sure they're always rooting for the winning side.

TToQ is based on my Iron Game Chef entry "Charles the Bald is Superf***ed". It's been playtested (even with real people!), expanded, streamlined and revised since then, and I'm really beginning to like it, so if playtest works out, this is getting published.

If you're interested, PM me!