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Polaris Pre-Order

Started by Ben Lehman, July 27, 2005, 05:40:49 PM

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Ben Lehman

After a wonderful two and a half weeks, I am closing the Polaris pre-orders effective tomorrow (Sunday) at noon (so, if you still want to order one, you've got a brief shot at it right now.)  The pre-orders have wonderfully exceeded my expectations, totally 54 books and totally covering my entire production expense for the first run (printing, editing, and layout).

In fact, since I've already sold half of my first run, I'm also printing a second (non numbered, non inscribed) edition of 100 copies, titled the Up Above the World edition.  The fact that I had to do this is astounding to me.

I am certain that I will sell out the remaining 54 copies rather quickly -- if not all at GenCon, then shortly thereafter on my Finnish book tour or the first few IPR orders.  In short, if you want a numbered edition, order it right now, 'cause I can't make any other promises.

You guys have made me very happy.  Thanks a ton.


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I'm having a friend pick up a copy for me at Gen Con, just to explain why you haven't seen my name on a pre-order.
- Brand Robins

Christopher Weeks

I just got mine in the mail.  Thanks Ben, it looks nice.  Also, anyone who got theirs stamped, careful not to smudge the stamp!



i arrived back from 3 gameless months in Southern Mexico to find the Polaris book waiting for me at the apartment.

The design and artwork, as well as the literary way you presented the work - all of that is aces.

I look forward to playing it with my group, though it may be a while (there's a long list of books that we have on deck), I promise we'll get to it.



Matt Machell

Hey Ben,

finally got round to ordering today (moving house has put a crimp in online activities of late). Part of me hopes your GenCon went so well I'll have to wait for the 2nd run, part of me wonders if number 99 is still available...