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Just doing my part to keep the forum fresh :-)

Started by Kyle Voltti, March 19, 2002, 03:24:41 AM

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Kyle Voltti

With some minor alterations from the last time I posted this, a short scene involving an elf and its victim.  

When they speak their voices are the sound of dried leaves blown by the wind. Their skin, cold to the touch, is as brittle as paper-thin glass and as hard and unyielding as steel. They stare at you, their eyes shimmering with inhuman cruelty.  You try to shrink in on yourself, to will yourself to disappear from their view. Their words, thick and syrupy, pour over you like silk and fill you with an all-consuming unnamable dread. You stare at the floor. Sweat pours from your brow.  You try, desperately, to cling to any sliver of hope that you might be saved. They caress your cheek and you want to scream and run but your body betrays you. Your mind races franticly trying to remember the prayers your mother taught you to keep you safe in the dark. Trying to retain that one last thread of sanity. They raise your face to meet theirs. Your mind screams, "God, why do they draw it out? Why won't they just kill me? Please don't let them make me look into their eyes. Don't let them look into my soul."  As your eyes meet theirs your mouth opens in a silent cry and you finally understand. You never had a chance. There was never any hope. You were theirs the moment they saw you. It's the last thing you ever think.

I hope you enjoyed this.  Up next "Interview with the Elf"
Kyle Voltti
*With apologies to Anne Rice and John Wick :-)

Kyle Voltti

So what do you think :-)
Man creating something is such a bitch for your Ego no wonder John gets snippy sometimes :-)
Kyle "Waiting to hear from you" Voltti