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The Ronnies, September 2005

Started by Ron Edwards, September 04, 2005, 10:54:27 PM

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Clinton R. Nixon

My thoroughly misogynistic/sexist RPG (hatred, girlfriend) called Black Widows has been submitted. Until it makes it to the 24 Hour RPG site, though, you can find it at:
Clinton R. Nixon
CRN Games

Jared A. Sorensen

Quote from: Clinton R. Nixon on September 12, 2005, 11:39:18 PM
My thoroughly misogynistic/sexist RPG...

I saw nothing wrong with it. I was, however, dissapointed that the skills were not Violence, Attraction, Gear, Intelligence, Ninjutsu and Acrobatics.
jared a. sorensen /

J. Tuomas Harviainen

Quote from: Clinton R. Nixon on September 12, 2005, 11:39:18 PM
My thoroughly misogynistic/sexist RPG

I agree with Jared. Compared to many of the other entries, your work was kind, tender and sensitivity-trained. Objectifying, yes, but mainly in a semi-harmless Charlie's Angels kind of way.


Ron Edwards

There will be no discussion of whether a specific game is misogynist or sexist in this forum.


Seth M. Drebitko

I have a bit of a problem I want to enter some thing before the end of the month and get some feedback, but the forum we were supposed to submit our work on is not showing up for me. If its possible could I submit my entry in another way, since at the end of the month I must return back to basic training for 9 weeks. Thank you for your time spent on the ronnies either way they have been a blast.
regards, Seth
MicroLite20 at
The adventure's just begun!

Peter Nordstrand

Hi Seth,

There is no forum. Nobody ever said anything about a forum. :-)

  • Click the Submit! button on the left.

  • Follow the instructions.

If you still have problems submitting your game, why not contact Ron directly? If he can't help you, email your contribution to me and I'll post it for you.

Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.
     —Grey's Law

Seth M. Drebitko

Thank you very much, I apologize for the misunderstanding.
regards, Seth
MicroLite20 at
The adventure's just begun!

Lance D. Allen

Looks like things have slowed down just a bit.. Unless I missed my count, it looks like 26 games in.. 12 days. Still better than a 2:1 games:days ratio though.

Who's rooting for 40 games by day 20?

by the by, I'm going to be trying to playtest Rats in the Walls tomorrow. Things I'll be looking for especially are the rate of change in the traits; Except for Love and to some extent Hate (which has an entirely different method of lowering), I'm not really wanting to see a death spiral of traits. I'm also going to be paying especial attention to how narrations in a contest go. Many notes will be taken for the revisions to come.
~Lance Allen
Wolves Den Publishing
Eternally Incipient Publisher of Mage Blade, ReCoil and Rats in the Walls

Ron Edwards


So, six days to go. Let's clarify a thing or two about how it's going to end up.

1. Results will not be posted on the 24th, or probably not the next day. I've stayed on top of reviewing the submissions as they arrive, but a few last-minute entries are sure to show up. I'll need a bit of time.

2. It'll begin with announcing the winners, if any. I'll post threads about why you didn't win a Ronny over the course of a week or so afterwards.

3. The final submission time is 12:00 midnight before September 25th ... my time. Yes, Central Standard Time, U.S.A. Not your midnight. Mine. Look it up if you have to. Late submissions will not be considered for the award.

So! How's the tally look?

Jared R. Sorensen, Ratpack
Seth ben-Ezra, The Great Rat Raid
J. Tuomas Harviainen, Fink
Nick Moffit, Sloat and Larkin

Ben Lehman, Want
Stephen Hickey, All Growed Up
Warren Merrifield, Secrets in Suburbia
Michael Mendoza, Suburban Hatred
Graham Walmsley, Get Out Get Away Get Wise Get Back Get Even

Thomas E. Robertson, The Suburban Crucible

Manu Saxena, Attack of the Giant Rats
Lance Allen, Rats in the Walls
Keith Senkowski, Untitled
Jacob X, Regis Furor
Eric Bahr, The World Class Rats Handbook
Przemysław Szkodziński, King Rat

Joe Prince, Munch-Mausen Tales
Jonas Karlsson, One Can Have Her
Jasper McChesney, Me and the the Rat
Kirk Mitchell, The Rat-God's Girlfriend
Troy Costisick, Cutthroat: Life on the Highway
Jason A. Petrasko, January's Frost

Sean Musgrave, I Think My Girlfriend Hates Me
Gregor Hutton, Best Friends
Brandon Parigo, SleepOver
Frank Tarcikowski, My Girlfriend's a Slut / My Boyfriend's a Dick
Clinton R. Nixon, Black Widows
Peter Nordstrand, Guilt and Frustration
Michael Walton, Alien Angels
Drew Hart-Shea, Vendetta

Makes 30 total, at the end of day 14. Six days left.



First up, I'm so excited about this!

The best part for me is that this is actually the first time I've finished a game I've designed...  and of course it's because I only had 24 hours to do it in, rather than in spite of...  The other two I'm working on get endlessly thought about and revised, but the lack of a deadline means I never get down to finishing.

Quote from: Ron Edwards on September 18, 2005, 10:44:09 PM
2. It'll begin with announcing the winners, if any. I'll post threads about why you didn't win a Ronny over the course of a week or so afterwards.

So the feedback is public..?  That had not occurred to me!

Not that I'm unhappy about it, I'd just assumed it would be in the form of an email or something.

I guess the good thing this way is we all learn from everyone's mistakes rather than just our own.


you can download mine here: Vendetta
My name is Drew
I live just outside north London, UK
Here's my 24hours Ronnies entry: Vendetta



Ron, are you going to make a separate forum for the Ronnies?  30 threads or so seems a lot for Adept Press or Indie Design.



Ron Edwards


Separate forum? Probably not. I intend to demonstrate what the existing forums are for with these awards. We'll start with announcements here, then critique in Indie Design and Actual Play, and with any luck, Publishing.

And yes, the feedback is public. I realize that no one will believe this, but the award structure is essentially three-tiered, not pass/fail. Tier 1 is clearly those who get the award. Tier 3 is those whose submissions do not receive more than a few explanatory statements. Tier 2, the middle one, is the tricky one - those who do not get the award, but who do receive a fairly dedicated critique similar to Tier 1.

Remember, the award involves money and a long-term mentoring commitment from me (if you want it). It's a top-of-the-top award, not an "any good" award. My hope is that the authors whose submissions fall into Tier 2 still recognize that their work is valuable and may give rise to awesome games - they're just not quite baked enough, at this fire-and-inspiration stage, for the award.


Eric J.


I'm a little bit confused about the three tiers.  Are they to signify how good you thought that the games were, or are they based on how much feedback you think they need based on how complex or whatever the game is?  I'm confused about both methods.

Method one has you giving feedback based upon the game's overall presentation.  Obviously a good game could have a really interesting concept that you'd want to encourage elaboration on or development?  If you were anyone else I'd refer you to Fantasy Heartbreakers.

I'd be confused about method two as well.  How can any game, because of its simplicity, warrant no more than a few explanatory statements?

Basically this: I know it's a LOT of work from you but I think that the primary motivation for this contest is your feedback.  I know that everyone who submitted a game also put a lot of hard work into it.  Just "a few explanatory statements" seems daunting.  I'm confident that everyone would be accepting of waiting a little bit longer if it meant getting a decent critique (or just some helpful criticism from you really).

Hopefully yours (and may the wind be always at your back),

Ron Edwards

Hi Eric,

You wrote,
QuoteAre they to signify how good you thought that the games were, or are they based on how much feedback you think they need based on how complex or whatever the game is?

Neither. You're creating problems that don't exist and getting anxious about them. None of the above has anything to do with how I'm judging the awards, because clearly what you mean by "good" is off-base. All this talk about "overall presentation," especially, is just a bunch of fear-fog.

You already have my criteria for the awards in the first post of this thread. Instead of providing an even more elaborate explanation of what I'm already about to do, I'm merely going to do it, and you can then judge whether you think I'm being fair or complete or whatever.

Anyway, weren't you supposed to be working on a game? The right answer is not to post a reply, but rather to submit your entry.


Eric J.


That's a good stance to take.

May the wind be always at your back,