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Designer looking for designers....yeah, that's right

Started by Andrew Morris, October 25, 2005, 03:07:48 AM

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Andrew Morris

So, I don't know if anyone else has heard about this, but at DexCon 9 (July 2006), Dexposure is running an "Iron GM " contest. Basically, the deal is:

1) Put together a team of between 2-4 members
2) Receive three mystery themes at the con
3) Get locked in a hotel room for 24 hours [The room is free, BTW]
4) Design a two-hour LARP for 12 players
5) Get let out of the
6) Run the LARP at the convention
7) Find out who wins and gets the $500 prize

I'm crazy enough to do this, but I'd need at least one other person. Out of the available pool of gamers, I'd rather go in with someone who's already interested in RPG design, which is pretty much everyone on the Forge. So, if you're willing to give this a shot, let me know. C'mon, this is like a 24-hour RPG contest on crack.
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I love the idea, and loved it when I spotted it.  Someone should totally do it with you.  My two big worries are:  (1) The only LARP design experience I have is with outdoor weekend LARPs, and there is a whole body of technique that I am completely ignorant of and (2) A day at DEXCON is a pretty serious business opportunity for me ... much less the day after the 24-hour marathon, when I'd also be wiped.

But damn, yeah, I hope you can field a team of four.  That would totally rock, and would also allow people to do radical things like take sleep breaks.
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Andrew Morris

I hear you, Tony. On the up side, though, the neat thing about teams is that you can cover each other in areas where you're weak. Missing a day for sales, though...yeah, I can see why someone with a game to pimp would shy away from that.
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Graham W

The full details - such as they are - are at:,407.0.html

I love this. And I know LARPers around New York. It's quite tempting.

On the other hand, perhaps I need to get out more.


Andrew Morris

Okay, I've got my team minimum. That leaves two open slots. I've also got two "maybes," so if you're on the fence, figure out your plans as soon as possible.
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Michael S. Miller

24 hours seems like too much time for a 12 person LARP. Especially with multiple GMs writing. But my ideas of LARP are probably more minimalist than a lot of folks.

Anyway, like Tony, I'd be reluctant to give up an entire day of running other stuff, but best of luck to you!
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Andrew Morris

Could be Mike. But remember, you're designing a set of rules, setting, and session all at once. Plus, some of that time has to be sleep and some amount of playtesting.

I have one confirmed team member, one probable, and two maybes.
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Andrew Morris

I now have two confirmed team members, and several "maybes," leaving only one slot open.
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