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artwork needed (modern RPG)

Started by joepub, November 16, 2005, 05:19:47 PM

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Hey, I'm looking for any artists who'd be willing to contribute to the future website of Point of Collapse, a PBP RPG.

The game is set in  a war torn version of our planet, in 2087. Many cities have become home to rioting, violence, aggressive law, radiation, and anarchy.

I'm looking for anyone who'd like to do the artwork (or simply the line art) for the banner and a few website images.

If you're interested, I cannot guarantee a high sum of money for work submitted. What I can guarantee though is prominant display of your name and artwork on the site, as well as my rave reccomendation for anyone else who needs an artist in the future.

PM me if interested in doing a piece.