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Author Topic: Shock:'s pre-success: thank you, everybody!  (Read 2567 times)
Joshua A.C. Newman
Posts: 1144

the glyphpress

« on: November 22, 2005, 04:57:47 PM »

You know, I'm just blown away by the enthusiasm I've seen from people about Shock:. According to my logs, I've had 450 downloads in the last four weeks of a game that's not finished. I could not possibly have hoped for this even if that was my final goal!

So thank you, folks. That's some pretty serious encouragement you've given me there. If anyone's playing it and reading this, I hope you're having great fun, and if not, I hope you'll tell me why.

the glyphpress's games are Shock: Social Science Fiction and Under the Bed.

I design books like Dogs in the Vineyard and The Mountain Witch.
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