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Author Topic: Ken Hite reviews With Great Power...  (Read 2526 times)
Michael S. Miller
Posts: 846

« on: December 08, 2005, 09:21:11 AM »

You can read the full Out of the Box review HERE. Ken also gives snappy capsule summaries of Tony Lower-Basch's Capes and Chad Underkoffler's Truth & Justice.

My favorite bit:
the stories are all going to be driven by conflict, sacrifice, and getting kicked in the face for the first two thirds of the issue. That's right, as you take beatings you get to play cards that neutralize the GM's villains. Thus, hey presto, we have a perfect Silver Age story arc right out of Stan Lee's playbook.

Pity the cover of the 2nd printing has already been printed...

Serial Homicide Unit Hunt down a killer!
Incarnadine Press--The Redder, the Better!
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