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gold and powerlevel

Started by lilyve, March 11, 2006, 07:05:11 AM

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hello! dear friend, do u know a website which sell cheapest gold? I was told lots of website, and was confused by which one to choose. It took me about two month to check, at last, I find that a website named playerturbo is my best choice, because it sell cheapest gold on any server no matter what a new server it is, when i creat a new char on any new server, i just come to it without spending much time to search, I never got despair!

Seeing is believing! You may visit to have a try,then you can be sure what i said. Furthermore,this website never sleep,they really work for 24*7, you can livechat with them at any time!

If it is good, just let your friend know. If not, please tell me!

network  games:WOW gold ; Ragnarok Online zeny ; ROSE online zuly; SilkRoad ;DDO ; FFXI isk ; DAoC ; EQ2 ; Guild Wars ; Eve online ; Matrix and so on or Power Leveling.


Great.  Spammers.  And not even for a superhero spam-scheme.

I mean, I'd have been all into someone spamming with a Take-Over-The-World-Quick pyramid scheme.  Just send three minions, and soon thousands of minions will be yours!

But this is just pedestrian.  And very, very locked.
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