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Started by Ron Edwards, November 02, 2001, 12:54:00 PM

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Last three:  Own customised MERP/RM (every other week); a real number-cruncher of a homebrew (the other every other week); RQ3 Glorantha (3-4 years ago)

Most enjoyed: Own customised MERP/RM; HarnMaster; Werewolf (MUSHing)

Want to try (probably not for my current group): HeroWars; Sorcerer & Sword; GURPS


-- Nev.
(My mum calls me Neville)


Last 3:
L5R - A few years a go.
SRun - Until I decided that while 2 GMs sounded good... (If you ever feel like trying it out for the first time, my advice is to make sure you can stand the other would be GM in the real world first. Then make sure you have even somesort of amicable understanding on how to run the show. Like the level of realism.)
D&D3E - A recent addition, but being the Matron Mother has its perks.

Best 3:
L5R - the best summer I have ever spent (indoors).
Role Master - The innocence of youth. And the weeks and months just adventuring away with nothing to hold you back. (knowlegde -> pain)
White Wolf Megamix - In a world of the GM's making. "Better than ever, and almost goth free!"

Future 3:
Flux, Sorceror, Changeling (without the WildWackyWWWorld)



Quote from: Ron EdwardsHey there,

Shortly after the Forge became revived, a thread started up that was VERY useful to everyone involved at the time. I'd like to start it again, as it really belonged in this forum anyway.

It goes like this.
What are the last three role-playing games that you actually, really played?

What three role-playing games, out of ALL the ones you've EVER played, have you enjoyed the most?

What three role-playing games that you have NOT played would you most like to try?

OK last three games. D&D, GURPS, Star Wars D20

Most Enjoyed: GURPS, Rolemaster

Most want to play: Sorcerer, Witchcraft, Unknown Armies


Russell Hoyle

Last Three:
Ars Magica

Best Three:
Call of Cthulhu

Three Most Wanted:
Dying Earth
Jared Sorensen's stuff: Eight, Idoru, octaNe (sorry, couldnt pick just ONE)



Hi, this looks like an appropriate place to debut at the Forge.

Most recent
D&D 3e, Over the Edge, CoC

Most enjoyed
Over the Edge, Ars Magica, TORG

Want to play
InSpectres, Unknown Armies, Everway

Erik Hansson