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Holding an Indie Press RPG Night at Games of Berkeley

Started by ElliottBelser MKII, March 21, 2006, 05:56:43 PM

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ElliottBelser MKII

Hello, all.  Not sure if this is the proper forum for this (move or delete this if it's the wrong one), but I've arranged for Games of Berkeley to demo some indie games this April, with myself as the demo coordinator.  Please come by, or tell your friends to, if you're a California East Bay Area gamer.

On the 1st and 22nd, we'll be running Dogs in the Vinyard, the game where you play God's Watchdogs in a west that never quite was.  You have broad authority as Dogs to shape the doctrine of your nascent Faith, putting the moral choices you make front and center.  Sticking to your guns is ALWAYS a good idea in DitV, if you're willing to pay the price.

On the 8th and 29th, I'll be the producer for your unique Primetime Adventures game.  Pitch a series.  Direct it's main characters.  Get fanmail.  Experience a wide range of "I would watch this!  It should so be on real television!" moments.

On the 15th, bring your girlfriends and boyfriends to Breaking the Ice, a game played in pairs.  Go on the first three dates of your characters, and remember - the more "interesting" your date is, the more likely you are to remember it fondly.

I hope to see you at Games of Berkeley, Saturday evenings at 5.