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[Ronnies] Summary thread

Started by Ron Edwards, March 23, 2006, 02:11:12 PM

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Ron Edwards

Here's the history of the Ronnies.

Introducing a new contest
The Ronnies, September 2005
[Ronnies] The winners for September
[Ronnies] October contest begins!
[Ronnies] October winners
[It Was a Mutual Decision] Girlfriend + Rat
November Ronnies! Start your engines for the 6th
[Ronnies] November results at last

With each round (three so far), each game has been the subject of at least one Indie Design thread, and in a few cases, Actual Play threads as well. You'll have to run searches for those. You'll also find the relevant links to the games themselves. I'll provide the thread-links for the winners here so you can see what they look like.

$75: Alien Angels, Space Rat, Rats in the Walls, The Suburban Crucible
$25: Untitled, One Can Have Her, Cutthroat

$75: Contenders, 3-16
$25: Disaster!, Left Coast, Hierarchy, The Drifter's Escape

$75: General Mud
$25: Apocalypse Girl, White Dragon, Holodomor, Krasnoarmeets, October's Shadows

All of the games, winners or not, feature Indie Design threads and some have Actual Play (and now, Playtesting) threads. A couple have even been published! You'll have to search for those. I strongly recommend learning and using the options for the Advanced Search function. Alternately, you could scroll the forums based on date, using the above threads as starting points.

Some of you have expressed opinions about whether I should do more rounds, and how often. I do want to run at least two more rounds, but will pace them out a bit more slowly. However, I'd like to see that "culture" that I wrote about in the November results thread come more fully into existence here and with any luck, at other websites.

My request to all of you, at this point, is to do a full-on, personal Ronnies review of your own. Find any entries, winners or not, to all three rounds so far that interest you most. Play them. Re-read them. Post about them.