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Author Topic: Cage Match!!!  (Read 2625 times)
Keith Senkowski

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On A Downward Spiral...

« on: April 05, 2006, 08:11:05 AM »

In the tradition of such great moments as Pokey vs. Gumby at the Aragon Ballroom I bring you CAGE MATCH!!! (which always must be spelled this way).  We begin with two warriors (I use this term very lightly), standing toe to toe, nose to nose, spitting and drooling and other wrestler crap.  On my left, masked like a luchador is Luke "The Flying Vegitarian" Crane.  On my right, the fan favorite Matt "The Copper Wire (cause he is electrifying of course)" Wilson.

This is a blood match folks and only one will survive.  No holds barred ladies and gentlemen.  I would not be surprised if other combatants break through the cage entered the ring.

The referee yells fight and the combatants begin to circle.  Crane then opens up with his new move, the Flying Secret Project, which he lands right in The Copper Wire's face...

Conspiracy of Shadows: Revised Edition
Everything about the game, from the mechanics, to the artwork, to the layout just screams creepy, creepy, creepy at me. I love it.
~ Paul Tevis, Have Games, Will Travel

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« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2006, 09:59:31 AM »

this can only be resolved through Death Stakes... and if it doesn't end in a Crane/Sen(k)owski/Wilson polygamous wedding at Gencon, I'll be disappointed.

Actually, due to rail-roading the wedding is the only way it CAN end.
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