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I NEED to run this game!

Started by Frank T, April 05, 2006, 05:07:11 PM

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Frank T

I would really, really love to play much more than I actually do. Here's the games I have already finished reading and absolutely NEED to try out:

The Shadow of Yesterday
The Shab-al-Hiri Roach
The Ancient and Venerable Art of Tippling

How about you?

- Frank


Not easy, but I'll try.  Restricted to games that have been released in some form.

Legends of Alyria
My Life with Master
Primetime Adventures
With Great Power. . . (Whoops, almost forgot the ellipse)
Burning Wheel
Dogs in the Vineyard

Probably some more that I can't think off the top of my head.

Shit. . .  Any indie-gamers in Columbus?

Jon Hastings

I need to run Kayfabe: my group had done character creation, promotion creation, and all the prep stuff, but then everyone got busy during the holidays and after things had settled down one of the players backed out because he "just wasn't into wrestling anymore".  It saddens me to no end that all those great characters remain unplayed...


Secret of Zir'An.
Weapons of the Gods(3 days from today!)
Paranoia XP.
Exalted 2ed.
The Mountain Witch.
Dogs in the Vineyard.
The Shadow of Yesterday.
Cranium Rats
Guy Shalev.

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Yeah, at this point my "need tos" probably schedule me for the rest of the year :/

Miles Christi
Mazes & Minotaurs
With Great Power
Dungeons & Savages (running OD&D G1-3/D1-3/Q1 using Savage Worlds)
Nine Worlds
Whatever that secret thing is that Luke's going to unleash on us later this year

Joel P. Shempert


The Pool,
and PTA (I have tried this out, barely, but haven't even completed an episode. I'mitchin' to finish up!)

And on the haven't even bought and read yet list:

Dogs in the Vineyard
Story by the Throat! Relentlessly pursuing story in roleplaying, art and life.


I have Heroquest and Trollbabe... I just need to convince my group to try them.  (They've promised they would, but it keeps getting put off...)


  Prime Time Adventures (Haven't played, woulod love too)
  Dogs in the Vineyard (Played a few times, haven't run it...)
  Macho woman with guns (Again!)
  Toon (Again!)

  I know its a weird mix, but I feel like  a little light hearted works with the seriouso games!
Dave M
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West End Games D6 Fantasy

In that order definately but I am having real problems finding players for Sorcerer.  I have read that book and all the supplements over and over since I picked them up a couple of months ago.  It is so frustrating!  Are there any players interested in a game of Sorcerer in the North West of England?  Maybe that is a topic for another thread...

Alex F

That I own: Burning Wheel. In a mad, painful way I have to play this game. Given that I'll only play with people I know (or people recommended to me), and that my social group is at the low-none end of the gaming regularity spectrum, it's going to take a while. Dammit.

That I'm too broke-ass to own, currently: Sorcerer and Capes.


Trollbabe's high on my list.  I made a character with my girlfriend and the chargen is red-hot.
Drifter's Escape looks like a whole lot of fun.
Under the Bed remains unplayed since Gen Con, which is a shame.
Nine Planets is taunting me from the shelf.
InSpectres is shamefully unplayed and I bought the bound book at Dreamation.

Hm, that about does it.

Andy Kitkowski

For me, these days it's all about what I need to PLAY, not run.  I'm getting a little burned out on running, I think.

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Cool Andy,

In the spirit of your post, I would love to play in the following games during the next year.

Conspiracy of Shadows
Burning Wheel
Primetime Adventures

What is on everyone else's wish list for playing?


The actual text of the OP was about playing or running, only the title says run, so I figured most of us posted what they want in in any capacity.
Guy Shalev.

Cranium Rats Central, looking for playtesters for my various games.
CSI Games, my RPG Blog and Project. Last Updated on: January 29th 2010


Mortal Coil sounds like fun.
darkpages seems nifty.
Dust Devils Revised is a must, very possibly with the Ronin setting at the table with my father.  He'd dig that.
Galactic, because the guy who wrote PTA will have their games played and played by ME.
Stranger Things...did I say that one twice?

More will pop into my head as I go.

I don't have enough gaming days in the week.