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Started by Silmenume, April 09, 2006, 05:00:41 AM

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Just wanted to say, "Thank you," to everyone who has sweat blood and tears to make this a real "functioning" place in the ether where solid attempts to understand our hobby can unfold and where legitimate efforts to design and publish games are embraced and encouraged with such boundless enthusiasm.

From those who've done the heavy lifting of running and moderating this site, including coming up with the very idea for it, to all those who hammered about such ground breaking yet vital concepts to ultimately those who have benefited from this communal atmosphere and are now enjoying the fruits of their design labors – God bless!

Though I have not reached a point of clarity, yet, where I can design something "Simmy" I have gathered unfathomable amounts of insights into my own play style and I hope in some small way that I have returned in greater amounts what I have gained by contributing to the retreating of the horizon of the unknown.

You all rawk!  Thanks for letting me tinker around in the back room while you guys go out building soooper cool racecars!  I bet you get all the hot chicks!
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