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Is there going to be a Last Word thread this year?

Started by JMendes, April 10, 2006, 03:25:22 AM

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Walt Freitag

Will they never learn?
Folly, staying up all night.
Early bird gets worm.

And the last word. Which is now disambiguate.

- Walt
Wandering in the diasporosphere


AKA Jeff Zahari

Walt Freitag

I hate it. Not a fitting last word at all.

Aren't you sleepy, Droog? Just got eight hours, myself. Ah, refreshing sleep. Sharpens the mind, keeps the body healthy. So nice.

You must be pretty sleepy.

You must be very sleepy.

You are very sleepy.

You are falling asleep now.

Falling into deep deep sleep.

Your eyelids are closing, all by themselves.

The last word is aleph.

- Walt
Wandering in the diasporosphere