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Author Topic: Motivation aspects  (Read 3122 times)

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« on: May 20, 2006, 03:50:23 AM »

We started character creation last Thursday. We did finish it, because not everybody showed up. Swapping back issues should be done with everybody present. We are 5 players, plus me as GM.

Something happened that I had not forseen. When asked "Why do you fight the good fight?" not one answered with a conviction or duty.

One answered that his father had been killed by a hit and run driver. After some talk that became Conviction: You musttake responsibility for your actions.

One is a member of an intersteller peace-keeping force. This force is as yet vaguely defined and unnamed, but think Green Lantern. Looking back it seems so obvious to ask "Why did you join?". I will. The answer will be interesting even if it is not used as an aspect. But we ended up with Duty: uphold the [as yet undefined] ideals of the organization on Earth.

The third wants to recreate Atlantis, or rather to build a civilization as great as Atlantis was. He is a millennia old survivor of the fall of Atlantis. We did not pigeonhole that one as a duty or conviction.

What exactly the values he fights for are he did not specify explicitly, but he did name one of his enemies: Major Morality, who does such things as bomb abortion clinics and mosques.

I missed the irony, and doubt that the player intended it. But here we have two characters who both fight for the good, oldfashioned values, and are therefore bitter enemies.

He chose this motivation aspect as his strife aspect. I think in this case I will let the villain choose the plan. You see, the first player named chose his romantic interest as strife aspect. She is a newsreader. Wouldn't kidnapping editors, newsreaders etc. to brainwash them be just the kind of thing Major Morality would do?
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