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Wanted: Playtesters--if you like minis and RPG, this one is for you

Started by mratomek, May 24, 2006, 06:28:59 PM

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Monster Rules is a multi-genre miniatures adventure game that combines the flexibility of an RPG with the head-to-head play of a table-top minis game. You can use the rules to create any character and scenario imaginable--fantasy, modern, supers, sci-fi, space opera, whatever.

Furthermore, there are no "official" miniatures. You can use whatever you want to represent your character.

The idea for the game is to allow gamers to spend all the time they like creating and tweaking their own characters and adventures. Then at game time, they can play-out the adventures in a head-to-head fashion against an opponent.

The system is far more robust than a simple wargame, so the adventures do not have to be a simple beat-the-tar-out-of-your-opponent-type game. You can add all sorts of obstacles and tasks that an opponent must accomplish to succeed and win the game.

For example, you could require an opponent to disarm traps, hack a computer, track a wild animal, decode a rune-written tablet or repair a damaged warp core.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please download a current version of the rules at:

and have some fun.

I am always available to answer questions sent to or posted in the forums here.

Thanks for your consideration.


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