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Los Angeles - Need players/designers for regular game night

Started by Josh Roby, May 31, 2006, 03:38:26 PM

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Josh Roby

Short Form: A trio of game designers which began as a quintet are looking for folks to join us on a weekly basis in Los Angeles for an evening of roleplaying and playtesting.

Blathering Version:  So MarkV, Judson, and myself originally were meeting weekly with two other folks who have, via the vicissitudes of life, been taken away from us.  We have been enjoying an absolutely awesome series of games and playtests with a distinctly analytical flavor.  Our usual MO is to play for a few hours and then spend an hour or two (or three) gabbing about the game and how it worked and how the players interacted and what might be done to make the game work differently and so on.  I love playing with these guys.

We are, however, in need of a new player or two (or three).  With just three players, a good number of games simply don't work and we'd like more perspectives and opinions than our own, as well.  So we're looking for some interested parties to join us in playing and disassembling games in Los Angeles.

The Nitty-Gritty We currently meet Wednesday evenings (6pm-midnight-or-so) in Eagle Rock, although we can shift time to Tuesday or Thursday.  Shifting location is also a possibility -- Eagle Rock is where Mark works and I commute past on my way home (Woodland Hills to Whittier), and it's only a minor hassle for Judson to get there after work from North Hollywood, so it's just a nexus of connections, not anything set in stone.

Love to hear from any interested parties; let's figure something out!
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Jasper the Mimbo

I'll be moving to the LA area in a couple weeks (Lahabra, specifically). This sounds exactly like the kind of gaming I love. I'm not sure how far away I'll be from you guys, as at the moment I know very little about where places are in relation to each other. PM me with some contact info, and I'd love to talk to you about joining your group. This is great, I was really worried about finding gamers when I moved.

- Jasper
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