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Freelance Editing (available)

Started by BWA, August 02, 2006, 11:25:52 AM

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I'm a full-time professional editor, and I do some freelance work now and then. I'd love to work on someone's game (or website, or what have you) instead the dull stuff I usually work on.

Qualifications: I'm the assistant managing editor at a news wire service, and I've been an editor for seven years. My freelance work includes a number of different projects, mostly public policy stuff. I've been a gamer for much longer than that (since the first D&D red box).

Rates: My "official" freelance rate is $25/hour, but I'm more than willing to work out a project rate. Since indie rpg designers tend to have less cash on hand than think tanks, I'd also be willing to work for a much lower rate than I normally would. However, I am offering this as a professional service, rather than a charitable one.

Brian Minter
(202) 255-3879

Brian Minter
Bears Will Attack