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[MLwM] First Time - Our Life with Lord Billingsworth

Started by jonthegm, August 09, 2006, 10:04:47 PM

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To begin our (about 5 hour) session, we set out to create The Master.

After a good half hour of creative prodding on my part and a mix of serious and non-serious ideas on their part, we created Lord Darius M. Billingsworth as the Master.

Lord Billingsworth was a lonely man who only wanted to have the best story to tell at his monthly gentleman's club.

The only problem is that he had no good memories of his own, so he became obsessed with collecting the brains of the townsfolk to extract their memories directly from their brain.

Then, the players created their characters. These characters were all minions of Lord Billingsworth (as is required by the game).

The connections they have are as they were at the end of the game, I'm too lazy to correct them to their starting values. Needless to say, the first two for each person were the ones they started with.

Quick reflexes except when he sees it coming.
Can't see green, except in the moonlight.
Fr. Thomas 3
Sara the Mason's Daughter 1 (The INNOCENT)

Katharine Dunne
Can read minds except when the person is aware of her.
Body covered in pustules unless she rubs her skin with animal fat each night.
Ethel the midwife 1
Geoffrey a councilman 2
Kristine 1

Ethan - Steve
Can change into an animal, except when he hears music.
Cannot refuse a child's request except when adults are present.
Kristine a young widow 2
Crippled dog 2 (Deceased)

Infinite Water Bonfire
Great intuition except about children
Irrational speech except with the insane/retarded.
Samus the Villiage idiot 2
Gladus the Dairy cow 2

Adrian Falco
Incredibly fast, except when carrying a burden.
Will go out of way to harm animals, except when children are present.
Little Dora the Goatherd 0
Lucian the hunter 2
Fr. Thomas 1

It started off a little silly, as Lord Billingsworth came home one evening, fuming about cow dung on his boots. He immediately began barking out orders...
Maximillian ! Those cows have wandered onto my property for the last time. Kill them!
Katherine! Tonight I propose to Kristine! Bring her to me!
Ethan, collect this month's payment from Councillor Geoffrey.
Adrian, fetch Fr. Thomas. I require his services.
Finn(Infinite Water Bonfire)! I wish to read the goatherd's father's journal about his travels.

From there ensued a series of tragic mishaps and monstrous behaviour that more focused on readying Lord Billingsworth for Marriage than memory recovery. Adrian failed to convince the Priest to come with her, and Maximillian was captured trying to kill the cows. Katharine eventually got Kristine to come to meet the Master, Infinite Water Bonfire improvised to steal the diary, and Ethan successfully managed to get the money from Councillor Geoffrey.

From there, things got complicated, as Maximillian brought Fr. Thomas back instead of Adrian. Katharine was sent out for a fancy suit for the Master. Ethan was sent to throw the crippled puppy he picked up in the rain to the hounds. Infinite Water Bonfire attempted to save his cow.

Finally Katherine, driven to distraction by the unending abuse of Lord Billingsworth, crushed his head in with a vase just as a mob began to form in the town.

His reign of terror ended, Adrian managed to ingratiate herself with the local hunter, Infinite Water Bonfire became accepted as another villiage idiot, and Katherine enjoyed the accolades of being the one who killed off the master.

Maximillian, torn by the evil he had done and the sudden release from fear of the master, became confused, and eventually found himself in the care of another master.

Ethan, after stealing the notes of Lord Billingsworth, went to seek out his gentlemen friends to see if they needed any help.

I kindof flubbed the ending mechanics, and denied everyone one final scene before their epilogue because I misinterpreted the rules... but, I think we all had fun.

Noteable Scenes
Infinite Water Bonfire musing clearly and coherently (for the only time that game) to the villiage idiot about the direction of the Master's commands.
Ethan, tasked with bringing Adrian before the Master for failing him, forgot to change out of his animal form (a small dog).  Adrian of course saw him, and threw a sharp stone at him.
The master, tossing the suit Katharine brought for him into the fire.
Maximillian being unable to see the Mason's daughter during a failed overture, because she was wearing green.

Lessons for Next Time!

Maintain Mood - My main problem was maintaining mood, perhaps that's something that can only be gotten with practice, but it was a real challenge making sure everyone was on the same page.  I probably should have made IWB choose a real name, but I was hesitant to overrule player input at that point.  I also had a problem with at least three different perspectives on what was funny and what was disturbing, so what would seem creepy and moody to some would be hilarious to others.

Don't play as part of a living-room game - My group (currently) plays arranged out on couches in my living room.  MLwM seems like it would be better focused as a game relegated to a tabletop.  Perhaps it's just the way I tend to present things in a living room--Slightly chaotic and laid back.

Push the line more often - I personally tried to do this, but I find it difficult to do (even though I don't have a problem with it personally).

Get the epilogue right - Just a mechanics thing... my people didn't notice because they were unfamiliar with the system, but I felt bad anyway.

Any tips on the first three things there?  Any tips on how to start a shorter game "at the beginning of social breakdown?"